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 +====== Noble Savage ======
 +The native american who called himself "Noble Savage"​ in the Victorian Legion was not much of a talker. ​ Little is known about his history. ​ He maintained that his unique form of martial arts and archery training were honed by training from Nanticoke Indian ancestors who visited him from the spirit realm, but those schooled in martial arts would recognize his unique style as a wide combination of techniques sourced from aikido, judo, boxing and wrestling.
 +"Noble Savage"​ never gave his real name, and wore a domino mask and warpaint to cover his true identity. ​ He slowed his operations following the great fire and mysteriously vanished from operating in [[The Roaring 20'​s]],​ never to be heard from again. ​ Some say that the spirits of his ancestors came to haunt him, and he checked himself into [[Arkham Asylum|Arkham]] to keep himself from slipping into a psychotic rage. 
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