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 +====== New Life Church ====== 
 +This Protestant congregation doesn'​t have a location of its own.  Instead, it rents space throughout the city staging "​revivals"​ wherein they invite the old or infirm to experience "​rebirth"​ as a follower of [[Theodore Brown]] a self-styled returned Messiah. ​ He regularly asks to be called "The Teacher"​ by his flock. ​ While many dismiss Brown for his quackery there are many followers who have adopted a cultish devotion to the new messiah and have pledged to do anything he asks.  They'​ll give him their money, their children, or even their lives. ​ Some speak of unthinkable atrocities committed in the closed ceremonies the congregation puts on wherein "The Teacher"​ cements his domination over his faithful followers.
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