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-====== Media ====== 
-Gotham'​s media organizations are mostly controlled by members of [[the elliots|The Elliot Family]], with a few exceptions.  ​ 
-===== Radio ===== 
-The principal radio stations in town are [[WGOT|WGOT]] (an NBC affiliate) and [[WHAM|WHAM]] (a CBS affiliate). These are high-powered stations delivering national programming. ​ Although, it is the case that in the early 1930's radio does not broadcast much in the way of news, apart from occasional bulletins, since news is left to the papers. ​  In addition to the two big stations, there are about a half-dozen low power independent stations in town. 
-===== Newspapers ===== 
-[[The Gotham Gazette|The Gotham Gazette]]: ​ is the principal serious news paper in town, putting out a morning and evening edition. 
-[[The Daily Tribune|The Daily Tribune]]: ​ is the main competitor to the Gazette 
-[[The Gotham Bugle|The Gotham Bugle]]: ​ is a sensational tabloid, considerably popular, but with a poor reputation. 
-[[The Herald|The Herald]]: ​ an older paper that's fallen on hard times, has switched to the tabloid format in a bid to compete with the Bugle. 
-There are many freelance photographers,​ such as [[chester_figg|Chester Figg]] and stringers feeding material to all the papers. 
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