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 +=====Isidore Mandelbaum=====
 +Izzy Mandelbaum is the elderly Chairman of the [[sons_of_david|Sons of David]] gang.  He was a street thug in a small crew of robbers when the Jewish criminals in Gotham united to form the Sons in 1880. His energy and brains saw him reach the top quickly and his alliance with the [[falcone_family|Falcone Family]] has cemented the strong position of the gang in recent years.
 +Despite his advanced 75 years, Mandelbaum is very physically active and over reacts to any sort of challenge or hint that he might be slowing down.  He leaves the details of complicated financial schemes to others like [[manny_wiseport|Manny Wiseport]], as long as he gets his cut.  He's more interested in street level action and the status of the gang's overall health and turf.
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