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-I'm intending on focusing on prepared adventures rather than sand boxing this time around. ​ I think I want to write in conditions for getting bonus bennies during play.+ Page is moot
-Example, if you have to choose between chasing bad guys and saving civilians, you get a Bennie for saving the civilian. ​ If you get a true lead and a false one, you get a Bennie for figuring out which is true. +See:  House Rules
-I think they should be prearranged,​ or else it becomes, you get a Bennie if the GM likes you. + 
- +
-For XP, it should be on a standard scale: +
- +
-1 XP, you show, mission fails +
-2XP, you show, mission succeeds +
-3XP, you show, mission succeeds, special bonus victory condition met (must be set up by GM ahead of time, or it becomes 3 always). +
- +
-Maybe we don't do Bennies into XP, use it or lose it, but you can use Bennies to let your NPCs soak wounds? +
- +
-//I'm not a big fan of bennies to XP because I believe bennies are there to make the game more fun by giving players a way to take control of the story in their own small way. If bennies turn into XP, there is much more of an incentive to hoard them. // +
- +
-Agreed--simply use them or lose them on bennies. ​  (I believe the NPC soak thing is an Edge you can take anyway) ​+
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