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-The Mastermind of the Bog, or Dr. Swampo is a Gotham City urban legend (or is it?) about a creature that appears to be made from vegetation piled into a vaguely humanoid shape. ​ It is said to kidnap unsuspecting visitors to [[slaughter_swamp|Slaughter Swamp]] and drag them back to his secret laboratory. ​ Sometimes the victims are released, sometimes they are never heard from again. ​ 
-Since the creature has never been photographed (apart from a single, grainy distant shot that many say is of a ground hog on its back legs, but nevertheless was run in [[the_gotham_bugle|The Bugle]]), and since most of the recent surviving witnesses are hobos, no one in town seriously believes in Dr. Swampo. ​ The sole exception might be [[dr._hans_gruberman|Hans Gruberman]] who has speculated that Swampo might be an Atlantean "​Vorgath",​ a type of biological Android, thinking machine. 
-The laboratory of the fiend is said to be underneath the surface of the Swamp in a series of caverns and artificial metallic rooms. It of course has never been located or seen by reliable witnesses. 
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