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-=====Hans Gruberman===== 
-Dr. Hans Gruberman is the head of a group dedicated to the study of the lost secrets of Atlantis and the use of these secrets to blaze the way to a new, better future. ​  His actual job at the Univerity is as the Head of the Psychology Department, holding the [[dr._mind|Barnabas Cobblepot]] Chair in mental science. 
-Dr. Gruberman speaks with a thick German accent, wears shabby tweeds, and is completely insufferable to talk to.  Whatever the subject of the conversation,​ you can expect him to say "Vell, in ATLANTIS, zey did it a completely different vay...."​ and drone on and on for an interminable length. ​  As a public speaker, however, he is quite brilliant and eagerly listened to by all manner of people. ​ He lives in a modest apartment near the university. 
-[[team_c|Our heroes, Team C of the Project]] have discovered that Gruberman is involved with Nazi espionage and also has developed dangerous Atlantean Mentalism powers. 
-The hatred between Gruberman and [[dr._henrietta_gluckman|Dr Henrietta Gluckman]], who is the head of [[arkham_asylum|Arkham Asylum]] is legendary. ​ He commonly refers to her as a "​kavak"​ (I.e. a quack). 
-On October 1, 1934, Team C abducts Dr. Gruberman, having destroyed his NAZI cell. 
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