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Coal District

Gotham's Coal District is located on its own island known locally as “Coal Island”, and is a center for steel production in New Jersey. Cobblepot Steel concentrates on government contracts, such as ships and naval armor, and on construction beams, especially for skyscrapers and bridges. Its subsidiary Cobblepot Shipbuilding Corporation operated in Tricorner until the recent financial crash brought production to a halt.

Steel production still continues in the Coal District today, but only at a fraction of the pace it did during The Roaring 20's when automobiles were all the rage.

The Cannonball Railroad has a terminal here, but the route runs only once a day now because of the financial depression. It delivers raw materials for steelmaking and chemical plants.

The by-products of the steel production from 1875 to 1911 are piled up in a hill known as Mt. Slagmore, a currently green landmark of the district.

This island with its more noxious industry is the bane of those who live in the Gotham Heights district.

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