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 +=====Chucks'​s Fashion Storehouse=====
 +Located in the heart of the [[fashion_district|Fashion District]], Chuck'​s Fashion Storehouse is an immense warehouse dedicated to storing the raw materials and final products of all aspects of the fashion industry, from huge bales of cloth to the finest fur coats. ​ Various sections are climate controlled and/or securely sealed and locked. ​ Almost every business in the district rents at least some space at Chuck'​s.
 +There are two mysteries about the storehouse. ​ First, no one, other than his confidential secretary, Mrs Rodgers, can ever recall seeing Chuck ([[Charles Peterson|Charles Peterson]])in person. ​ Although, many people have had spirited conversations with him over the phone. ​ Second, the third floor of the storehouse is only accessible by special keys, and no one has ever admitted to seeing one in use or ever seeing the third floor.
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