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-====== Captain Fitzgerald ====== 
-{{ :​police0.jpg?​300|}} 
-Possibly with the exception of [[crime_alley|Crime Alley]], [[the_bowery|The Bowery]] is the worst beat for the cops of the city.  That's where Henry Fitzgerald has ended up.  His offense was catching too many gangsters. ​ Now he's in charge of an under funded, undermanned precinct up to his neck in gangsters and stabby hobos.  ​ 
-He retains his integrity, but has lost his ambition and much of his energy. ​ He can be counted on to not do the wrong thing, but it may take him a longish time to do the right thing. ​ He's tall, beefy, with grey-streaked red hair and a handle bar mustache. 
-He and his family live in [[Otisburg]]. 
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