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 +=====The Book of Frankenstein=====
 +This book was edited together from the laboratory notes of Dr. Victor Frankenstein by a certain Franz Dorfmann in the early 19th century. ​ There exists only 1 manuscript which was stored in the [[kane_library|Kane Library]] in Gotham City for the last 4 decades. ​ It is said to contain much information useful for bio-electrical work in the super sciences that can be found nowhere else.   
 +When various parties attempted to steal the book, the [[gotham_city_restoration_project|Gotham City Restoration Project]], in close alliance with [[kermit_roosevelt|Kermit Roosevelt]] attempted to have it spirited out of town, only to see it intercepted by mercenaries working for [[philosophical_ascent_to_atlantis|Philosophical Ascent to Atlantis]]. ​  It was then handed over to Nazi agents working for [[baron_stahl|Baron Stahl]] and thereafter recovered by [[team_c|Our heroes, Team C of the Project]]. ​ It was last seen in the hands of Mr. Roosevelt, its current location unknown to anyone but he.
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