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   * [[W27|Shosushi]] - A settlement of Easterners   * [[W27|Shosushi]] - A settlement of Easterners
   * [[Q29|Wulf'​s Swamp]] - A distant peat producing community   * [[Q29|Wulf'​s Swamp]] - A distant peat producing community
 +  * [[U25|Herculaneum]] - A settlement built in the shadow of an Old Krondite keep located on a tributary of the Ginsterflow
 +  * [[V26]] - A largely unexplored province on the Ginsterflow
 +  * [[V27]] - A mostly unexplored province along the Ginsterflow
 {{:​krondorisland.png?​direct&​400|}} {{:​krondorisland.png?​direct&​400|}}
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