Lippon is an island nation off the eastern coast of the main continent of Spathion. It is a single province in size. The Lippon society is structured around three quasi-ethnic castes. These castes are called Worker, Warrior, and Religious. These castes were first codified by the poet-philosopher Mernon in IY 420. Mernon succinctly describes their roles in a parable this way. “That is the way of our peoples. The Worker Caste builds, the Warrior Caste fights; we (the Religious Caste) pray”. Membership in a caste is a hereditary matter - children of parents from one caste are expected to follow their parents. If the parents are of different castes, the mother's caste takes precedence - any children would belong to the mother's caste. Sometimes Lipponese who have a deep feeling for one caste - which they refer to as a “Calling of the Heart” - will join a different caste. The worker caste is much larger than both the warrior and religious castes. Each Lipponese caste has leaders which are referred to as elders. These elders oversee the governance of the internal matters of the caste.

The Lipponese are a very religious people. The original Lipponese religion follows the teachings of twelve anthropomorphic animal gods. The Lipponese have a belief that the universe itself is sentient, and that the universe has the ability to break itself into many pieces and invests itself in every form of life. Consequently, every being is a projection of a part of the universal soul. They believe that the universe uses the perspective of individual sentient beings in a process of self-examination and a search for meaning (similar to the real-life belief of pantheism). The Lipponese Religious caste might even say “We are a way for the universe to know itself”.

Lipponese respect the role of “true seekers,” which Mernon explains are those who follow the calling of their hearts in a quest. Even when such a seeker's task appears to be folly, other Lipponese – especially religious caste – will provide what assistance they can.

Lipponese people believe in reincarnation. They feel that after an individual has died, the soul of the individual joins with all the other departed Lipponese souls. The souls then all meld together becoming one. Then the souls are reborn into the next generation of Lipponese. Thus the Lipponese have a fervent hatred of all things undead that keep souls from leaving this plane and rejoining the universe.

For hundreds of years, the Religious caste had worshiped the twelve patron gods of the island nation. However, with the introduction of the worship of Bor through the teachings of the three buddahs a religious coup has taken place. In IY 1420, the core group of the Warrior caste took over Lippon by force and threatened the populace to change their religion or die. Much of the Religious caste was slain, imprisoned, or converted. Without the strength of the Religious caste, the worker caste bowed to the will of the Warrior caste now ruled by the “Prime Llamas”. The nation of Lippon is now part of the world wide scheme of the Lawful Church,answering to the Patriarch of the East. Although the liturgy and ceremony is different from the worship of Bor to the West, the essential faith is identical to the Church of Bor. The Lawful faith is unified, and in full “communion” among all its parts.

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