1. ATHAN: neutral, human, bard-1, Marlon Kirton killed May 2, 1420

2. RIG ANTONIUS: neutral, human, fighter-1, Chuck Fleurie

3. BEDARIX, neutral, human, druid-1, Noah Guilbault

4. BOSCO TRIPOD, neutral, halfling, scout-5, Bob LaForge

5. GAIUS ANTONIUS OCTAVIUS, lawful, human, cleric-5, Jason Leibert, retired March 1421

6. THE AMAZING SIGBALD, neutral, human, summoner-1, Dave Nelson killed April 3, 1420

7. APOLLO SEPTIMUS AUGUSTUS, lawful, human, magic-user-4, Andrew Smith, retired March 1421

8. GOZAR, neutral, human, gothi-1, Chuck Fleurie

9. TAGLAC, chaotic, half-orc, summoner-3/warlock-4, Marlon Kirton, retired February 1421

10. TIM, lawful, human, magic-user-1, Kevin Viands—Retired July 1 1420

11. DARREN BRIGHTSHIELD, lawful, human, paladin-3, Kevin Viands Killed November 3, 1420

12. NIGEL MYSTERIO, neutral, human, illusionist-4, Dave Nelson level 4 character sheet:nigel_level_4.pdf

13. MALLAK, neutral, half elf, druid-5, Kevin Viands

14, KUMAN, neutral, elf, fighter-4, Marlon Kirton

15. BADAXE JACK, neutral, dwarf, fighter-4, Jason Leibert

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