• World inhabited by two intelligent races: a humanoid ancestor of men, nasenna and dwarves; and a race of reptilian monstrosities.
  • The gods of the world overthrow the reptiles, using an army of elves from the Spirit World, many elves remain in the living world.
  • The reptiles discover openings to the Abyss and summon the first demons, bringing the world to the attention of Chaos


  • The Elves rule the world. Their civilization falls in a great civil war between forest and barrow elves.
  • The Barrow Elves use the old reptilian magics to create the first trollish races (trolls, ogres etc) which are demonic spirits in mortal bodies.
  • The Nasenna (Old Ones) join the Barrow Elf cause, steal their secrets and seize power for themselves.


  • The Old Ones rule the world.
  • 5 powerful gods each sponsor a tribe of Men and lift them in knowledge and power. These gods and their patrons (using Ardean names) were: Mercury: the Northrons; Apollo: the Easterlings; Juno: the Southrons; Jupiter: the Centrales; and Minerva: the Westerlings.
  • Under divine leadership, the tribes of Men overthrow the Nasenna and banish them beneath the earth.


0 - The island city of Ardea is founded.

310 - The Ardean Empire comes to prominence following several successful naval campaigns.

722 - The Ardean Empire crowns its first Emperor.

753- Birth of Sarpedon, last of the 7 Prophet-Lawgivers, who synthesized Southron religion with Centrales philosophy.

820 - The Ardean 3rd Legion, the precursor of the rangers, is recognized as the Empire's premiere special forces in the North.

1218 - The Ardean Empire falls when all of the Augur's Towers simultaneously collapse.

1225 - The Order of the Silver Stars is established in the tradition of an earlier knightly Order of the Silver Stars that existed during the rule of the Ardean Empire.

1225 - The Invincible Dengwur begins accepting evil sorcerers as his disciples.

1320 - The School of Mulfando is established in Orchester.

1325 - The Great Revelation of the lawful church is occurs at Juruzion, a deserted island in the Middle Sea.

1420 - Badlands Campaign Start Date

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