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 {{ ::​thranconia_2.pdf |}}  Adventurers raid the upper level of ancient dungeon {{ ::​thranconia_2.pdf |}}  Adventurers raid the upper level of ancient dungeon
 +{{ ::​thranconia_3.pdf |}}  They clear the upper level of the dungeon, but lose 1 member
 +{{ ::​thranconia_4.pdf |}}  The team is joined by a new Troll, and explore the lower level of the dungeon
 +{{ ::​thranconia_5.pdf |}} The snake-demon'​s fortress is conquered, another member is killed
 +{{ ::​thranconia_6.pdf |}} In a very low-action tour of Passburg and Badabaskor, another troll dies
 +{{ ::​thranconia_7.pdf |}} The team rips off the stash house of gang of robbers
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